The objective of Corporate Social Responsibility Policy (CSR) at Milestones Engineering is to make it a part of the key business process for sustainable development of the society.

We, at Milestones Engineering, understand our responsibility and always act as a good corporate citizen while aiming at supplementing our role in elevating the welfare measures of the society within a certain framework of our CSR policy.

Right since our inception in the year 1984, Milestones Engineering Pvt. Ltd. has been considering protection of environment and nature beyond any legal or governmental obligation. Our principal goal is to minimize negative effect on environment by improving the quality of products, services and activities. We always take environment concerns very seriously, and also educate our people accordingly.

Salient Highlights of Environment Policy:

  • We always obey each and every legal obligation, and if needed, move one step further.
  • We reduce the usage of raw material resources and power to minimize the generation of Green house gases.
  • We decrease wastage to the minimum possible level to lower down the negative effect on environment.
  • We form certain goals and aims about environment and carry out them with all our might and determination.
  • We always make sure that all our environmental activities adhere to the norms of ISO 14001 Environment Management System.