Why Us

We, at Milestones Engineering, believe in our core values of integrity, maximum client satisfaction and innovation that sets us apart from our rivals within the business.

Our principal focus on achieving as well as maintaining a measurable customer satisfaction has created a culture in the company culture where we deliver a comprehensive range of global quality engineering solutions every day touching people’s lives. For us customer requirements are supreme & becomes starting & ending point throughtout our association.

Some salient factors that put us on the cutting-edge include the following:

Zero Maintenance

Barring teething troubles, to a large extent our jobs have almost zero maintenance for first 3 to 5 years, thereby, saving down-time, enhancing production, and saving money for the clients on maintenance and risking sub-standard repairs onsite. We achieve this performance by laying stress on quality whether visible to the client or invisible, using experienced work force, avoiding sub contractors, comprehensively testing and checking once again at the end of the job.

Unmatched After-sales Service

We always give immense importance to ‘After-sales Service’ in which the client may want modifications, improvements or attend any work even at a very short notice. The need for ‘After-sales Service’ is usually low because of the inherent high quality of work offered by us through our well-trained and experienced manpower.

Testing Teams

Our specialized teams very painstakingly test all the panels, HT, LT & Transformers, Cables and Earthing for continuity, functions, relay working, control circuit checking, insulation values, oil values etc., before commissioning. We use primary & secondary current injection sets and high voltage breakdown test to confirm healthy condition of equipment before commissioning.